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Cycling & hiking

On the west coast and the hinterland there are numerous mapped out walking and cycling routes that lead along beaches, dunes, polders, watercourses and nature reserves. Information, maps and guides are available at our reception and at the Middelkerke tourist office.

Popular cycling routes

Schoorbakkeroute - De Lombarde


A trip of 48 km through the wide coastal polders between Middelkerke and Diksmuide, starting point is the casino of Middelkerke.

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Boterlandroute - De Lombarde


A trip of 44 km through the polders around Diksmuide. Along the way you'll find numerous monuments that commemorate WWI.

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Veurne Ambachtroute - De Lombarde

Veurne Ambachtroute

A trip of 48 km along vast agricultural areas with small village centres, starting point Koksijde.

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Lange Lisroute - De Lombarde

Lange Lisroute

A trip of 39 km through the polder landscape, to Veurne and along the river Yser, starting at the market square of Nieuwpoort.

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Freddy Maertens route - De Lombarde

Freddy Maertens route

A tour of 42 km, starting at Westende-Bad, which follows the training course of the double world champion who grew up in Lombardsijde.

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Westhoek route - De Lombarde

Westhoek route

A trip of 61 km, starting in Vleteren, which leads you through the beautiful landscape of the Westhoek. From Veurne to Diksmuide.

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Popular hiking routes

Polderpad 10 km

Starting point: Westende-Bad, south of the St Theresa Chapel, Badenlaan.
This hiking trail is mainly situated on the territory of the former Lombardsijde. It is mainly dedicated to the work and life of the polder population which consisted for the most part of horticulturists.

Yselandpad 7.7 km

Departure point: Westende, Huis Yseland, Hovenierstraat.
While walking you get acquainted with the Iceland sailors who used to live here and with the nature in the area of Westende and Lombardsijde.

Scorapad 6 km

Starting point: Schore, Church of Our Lady, Büchenbeurenplein.
Plotted out and signposted as part of the land consolidation of Spermalie, this walking trail aims to explore the polder landscape northeast of the village of Schore.

Flerispad 8 km

Starting point: Middelkerke, IJzerlaan.
This walk leads to the district of Wilskerke and introduces you to the legendary figure ‘Fleris’.

Bamburgpad 8 km

Starting point: Westende, St. Laurentius Church, Westendelaan.
This footpath is dedicated to the historical farmstead ‘De Grote Bamburg’, which played an important role in the origins and history of the municipality of Westende.

Hoevenpad 9 km

Departure point: Westende, Oud Gemeentehuis, Westendelaan.
Quiet roads lead you along a lot of peculiar farms.

Heritage trail Nieuwpoort 2.9 km

Departure point: Nieuwpoort-Bad, Information Office Seawall.
Medieval coastal port and popular seaside resort, a unique combination on our coast. This trail focuses on the seaside aspects of this unique town: we lead you from stately hotels to experimental 20th century villa building!

Heritage trail Westende 2 km

Departure point: Westende, Villa ‘Les Zéphirs’ – information point and museum.
Westende evolved in the course of the last century from a prestigious luxury seaside resort to a cosy family holiday resort. This trail leads you along the many witnesses of a glorious, but also cosy past.

Koolhof trail 7.8 km

Departure point: Nieuwpoort, Market Square.
The Koolhofwandelroute introduces you to an extensive network of historic waterways in the vicinity of Nieuwpoort.

Some recommendations in the surrounding area:

Doornpanne trail 8 km

Departure point: Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, Visitor Centre Domein De Doornpanne.
The Doornpanne trail crosses the 200 ha nature reserve De Doornpanne. The path takes you to the Hoge Blekker, the highest dune top (33 m) of the coast. Via the Schipgat dunes you reach the beach.

Ter Yde trail 7.1 km

Departure point: Oostduinkerke, Fabiolaplein.
You walk along the seawall to the Zeeberm dunes. Via the beach you go in the direction of Groenendijk. At the Karthuizer dunes you come at the transition from dune to polder. An unpaved path takes you along the edge of the dunes to the Hannecartbos nature reserve.

Koekelareberg mountain hiking trail 6.5 km

Departure point: Koekelare, Tourist Office.
Clockwise, the hiking loop explores the beautifully landscaped village centre, the Oosthof Park, the Swal (a sophisticated nature reserve with rare flower vegetation) and an offshoot of the Ruidenberg. At the end of the trail you pass the Motepark, a former castle domain.

Westhoek hike 14.4 km

Departure point: De Panne, nature education centre De Nachtegaal, Calmeynbos.
The Westhoek is also the name of a 340 ha nature reserve. The Westhoek trail goes from the Flemish Visitor Centre De Nachtegaal to the Calmeynbos, a 55 ha large dune forest that was planted at the beginning of the 20th century.

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