Fishing regulations - De Lombarde

Fishing regulations

Admission conditions

To fish on the pond one needs a valid permit.

This permit can only be purchased at the reception of “De Lombarde”.

The price for campers at “De Lombarde” is

  • Per day: € 2,50
  • Per week: € 5
  • Per month: € 10
  • Per year: € 20
  • Children under the age of 12: free

The price for NON-campers at “De Lombarde” (period 1 April to 1 October).

  • Per day: € 5 

The terrain is only accessible on foot; all vehicles must remain outside the domain.


  • Anyone in possession of a valid permit has the right to fish, from sunrise to sunset, with two lines each having one hook.
  • The permit is strictly personal and must be presented spontaneously at the request of the authorised surveyor.
  • The fish caught must be returned immediately (except for eel and zander).
  • A keepnet is not allowed in order to provide the best chance of survival for the fish caught (with the exception of angling competitions).
  • Rowing or swimming is not allowed.
  • Objects originating from the angler, such as paper, plastic bags, remnants of nylon and food or food scraps must be tidied up and disposed of in the dustbins or taken with you.
  • When the rods are not under supervision they should be taken out of the water.
  • Every effort should be made not to hurt the fish during unhooking.
  • Please feed moderately and do not throw surplus food into the water.
  • Fishing with scoop and cross nets is not allowed.
  • Poultry should be left alone and should not be fed.
  • We are convinced that you will respect the regulations and behave sportsmanlike both to other anglers and walkers.
  • We are obliged to exclude offenders.

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