Dog regulations - De Lombarde

Dog regulations

De Lombarde is currently one of the few campsites where residents with dogs are still welcome. In order to ensure a holiday with your four-legged friend in the future, it is extremely important to strictly comply with the regulations.

That’s why we have listed the proper arrangements for all dog owners:

  • Visitors with dogs are allowed, as long as they do not cause nuisance.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash on the premises.
  • Dogs are allowed to be unleashed on the pitch if there is a demarcation through which the dogs stay on their own pitch. If there is no demarcation, the dogs must be on a leash. The demarcation will be requested and approved by the coordinator and completely removed in case of absence (such as in winter).
  • Dogs must stay on their own pitch. This means that they are not allowed to crawl under tarpaulins to walk to neighbours or to get to the paths and roads. If you have a long leash to give your dog some freedom on your own pitch, you must see that it is not too long so that the dog can still leave the pitch.
  • Prevent nuisance for the other campers! This can include frequent barking, leaving poop behind, dogs running loose, etc…
  • Walks for sanitary purposes must take place outside the site. 
  • If there is poop on the premises while walking after all, please clean it up. We have dustbins on the premises.
  • You are obliged to carry dog poop bags with you at all times. Bags are for sale in the shop and at the reception.
  • Access to the sanitary buildings, the shop, the holiday houses by the pond and the hiker’s huts is forbidden to animals.
  • The animals may not be left alone by a tent, caravan, house or in the car.
  • If you wish to use the dog shower in San 1, you can get the key at the reception (only during opening hours). This shower is only provided with cold water.
  • As soon as bite incidents occur on the campsite, the management will decide what measures need to be taken. These can range from the mandatory wearing of a muzzle (on site) to the removal of the dog(s) from the campsite.
  • De Lombarde will not intervene in disputes between dog owners caused by inflicting damage (material/physical) on others dogs or people.
  • Every dog owner is obliged to have insurance (family, etc…).
  • Any nuisance caused by dogs can be reported to the reception or to the management, but no accusations or disputes may be started up between them that could harm the family atmosphere at the campsite. In this case, the management will take appropriate action. Every resident on the campsite knows that dogs are allowed at De Lombarde, so some form of tolerance in this respect speaks for itself.
  • It is forbidden to let dogs swim in the fishpond.
  • Only two dogs are allowed per camping setup.
  • If you need a veterinarian, please contact Dr Elise Buyse on 0474 36 41 51. Her practice can be found at Kerkstraat 17, 8620 Nieuwpoort. At the weekend you can obtain the telephone number of the veterinarian on duty at the reception, if you would not receive it at that time via the voicemail of Dr Elise Buyse.
  • During your visit to our café, the dog must always be on a leash (both in the café and on the terrace) and you can ask for a drinking bowl for the dog. If you bring your own bowl, you can fill it at the water tap to the left of the café.

Holiday homes

Bringing a maximum of two pets on a leash is allowed in some houses (never in the houses by the pond) if the following conditions are met:

  • Payment of € 2.60 surcharge per night per animal.
  • In this case the final cleaning is done by the tenant. If proper cleaning is not done, a surcharge will be included in the final bill.

We are counting on everyone’s cooperation, so that we can enjoy great moments together on our campsite, both owners of quadrupeds and our other residents (with compassion for animals).

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